Oasis Village


Live close to work, to school and family. Build memories that will last a lifetime.

There are many advantages to living in a small town. At reunions in Connell you hear stories about people who have moved away and prospered but took their memories and the close-knit relationships they built while living in Connell throughout their life.

Many long for the days when things were simpler and people were friendlier and crime was a distant thought and life generally was just better. Invariably they regale about how their childhood was so much better and their education at the Connell schools so much more wholesome than their counterparts in business and industry. Kids who were forced to attend big, impersonal high schools like Pasco and Tacoma and other big city schools where violence and crime was a regular occurrence and where kids were afraid of the dark- reasonably so.

You can stop at Michael Jay's for lunch and find people you know. Talk about what's new. And feel connected to the community. The Franklin County Graphic offers news and gossip that you want to read. You don't need or really want the big city newspaper with screaming headlines about the most recent attack or abduction or Wall Street scam. When you live in Connell you and your family can put life into perspective.

The Oasis Village at Connell, located across from the High School and Junior High School, just sold 12 acres of its 66-acre site to North Franklin School District for its state-of-the-art elementary school. So home buyers at The Oasis Village will benefit from kids being able to walk to school and attend zero-hour events and after school events without needing rides from parents or friends. And the beauty of the new home community is that there are homes priced at $133,900 for starters and there are big family homes that run from $189,000 to $249,000. So pretty much, whatever your family can afford at this time, there are homes that can fit your requirements for size and price.

The interesting thing is that many, many people drive through the wide boulevard entrance to The Oasis Village and to the round-about at the top of the hill and stop to admire the views. They admire the territorial view over the valley and the beauty of the neighborhood. The homes have a distinctive, inviting quality and the yards are nicely maintained. None of that occurs by chance, actually. The warm palate of exterior colors were developed by famed Portland, Oregon based architect Michael Stueve for Oasis Custom Homes. In developing a certain distinctive “look” to the classic traditional homes with broad trim and rock front accents swathed in 40-year warranted exterior cement siding, the architects eschewed hips for a gable-oriented design focus. The result of colors and variation of design offer a certain completeness, yet playful variation between covered entry and broad, porch looks.

In the end, The Oasis Village offers a wonderful place to live: a gorgeous new home that will make you feel good about living in Connell and make for a happy family.

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