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Savitch chosen to participate in GE’s Eco-Imagination

Wed, Jun 15, 2011

A small number of builders from various parts of the country were invited by General Electric to participate in a “whole house” energy planning conference to be held at the major industrial company’s research center in Schenectady, New York scheduled for August 2, 2011.

Varsity’s Managing member Leslie Savitch agreed to participate and possibly become a participant in GE’s pilot program for advancing a series of “off -the-shelf” energy features ranging from solar panels to geo-thermal applications. “Don’t start coloring me green, just yet,” cautioned Savitch. “But one fact of life is that the cost to heat and cool our homes will become a bigger factor in the home purchase decision- some day as important as principal and interest and taxes.

With the costs of factors of construction, the costs of compliance with local jurisdictions, the costs of finished lots, and the costs of take-out (long term) financing all going up, the ability to continue to sell affordable housing may be in jeopardy. The last thing our industry needs in addition to all these added costs is prohibitively high cost to heat and cool homes,” he concluded.

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