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Oasis Homes by Oasis Custom Homes
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Home Plan Details: Trillium



People rave about the idea of three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom!

Upon entering, the home opens up before you until you reach the great room where you take-in a lovely vista of both thoughtfully designed kitchen, informal carpeted living area and year round covered patio for entertaining.

On the serving side of the gracious Oasis peninsula with serving bar, you view all the inside and outside happenings. The Owner's Suite opens to the covered deck and offers a luxurious look and feel. Many rooms have multi-use applications so your home can change as your household needs change.

Visit one of our model homes to learn more ways this home can be customized to meet your needs.

Photo Gallery

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What you’ll like about Oasis Homes:

2-Car Garage 
2,214 SF
1-Story Plan 

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  • Hundreds of pre-priced options to help customize your home
  • Meet with our interiors experts to select flooring and counters
  • Make plan changes right up until the pre-construction meeting
  • Meet the Builder prior to construction

See for yourself what the real estate community knows - Oasis is the “Builder of Choice”

Oasis Custom Homes is the first-time move-up housing product of Varsity Development, LLC VARSIDL958BE. An equal opportunity builder. We’ve been a leading Eastern Washington builder for 30 years.

We are committed to continuous improvement in our homes. The builder reserves the right to change product features, brand names, dimensions, architectural details and designs. Some features are for illustrative purposes only and should not be interpreted as “standard features.” Artist renderings may not exactly represent final product.

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