Oasis at Stratford Road


Lovely county homes on acreage lots…that you can afford.

Usually the problem with owning a home on acreage is that it’s too expensive to buy and too isolated for kids- how does “I don’t have anybody to play with” sound to you? Right now there is a rare convergence of opportunity for your family, and it won’t last long.

A number of acreage lots await your family at Stratford Road Estates only 1 mile from the intersection of Stratford Road and the new Highway 17 loop where Wal-Mart built their superstore. Oasis Custom Homes can provide one of their premier move-up homes for you on a lot that gives you a piece of country and the opportunity for kids to raise animals-within limits, there are CC&R’s that would restrict the overly exuberant wild animal trainers and hog farmers.

Over the last couple years, homes have been going up and children have been growing up enjoying life in the country at Oasis at Stratford Road. Drivers-by pull into the country lane to view the homes and ask what's going on. It's an attractive enclave of nicely designed homes with yards. None of that occurs by chance, actually. The warm palette of exterior colors were developed by famed Portland, Oregon based architect Michael Stueve for Oasis Custom Homes. In developing a certain distinctive “look” to the classic traditional homes with broad trim and rock front accents swathed in 40-year warranted exterior cement siding, the architects eschewed hips for a gable-oriented design focus. The result of colors and variation of design offer a certain completeness, yet playful variation between covered entry and broad, porch looks.

Aside from beautiful homes that they could afford to buy on large lots, home buyers give a number of reasons for buying at Oasis at Stratford Road Estates. The electricity rates, provided by Grant County Public Utility, are some of the lowest in the United States- it stands to reason, they own a couple dams and supply their overage sparks to those folks in Hollywood land. They have flexibility in terms of what they can do on their property- something they don't find available in the city limits of Moses Lake. They like the proximity to town- only a mile down the road. And yet city-type utilities are there, including high speed internet.

Kids - and their parents - also seem to like the schools. Longview Elementary exudes the small town feel that all parents love and combines with it award winning teachers and a progressive curriculum. Frontier Middle School brings the students together by providing a central location in the heart of town with a staff of professionals that truly cares about the students. Finally Moses Lake High School tops it off with state winning teams in sports and balances that with the importance of finishing your education.

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